Paving the way toward a more financially literate & prosperous Canada

Who we are

PennyDrops is a student-run non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of financial education in Canada. Our mission is to ensure that all Canadian students have the knowledge and confidence to make informed financial decisions post-graduation. With the financial backing of BMO, PennyDrops is paving the way to financial freedom for students coast-to- coast.







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How our program works

Our trained university-level mentors deliver our program through workshop-based sessions. The peer-to- peer dynamic provides a friendly environment which promotes open discussion. Who better to impact students than students themselves?

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Our Mission

Statistics show that Canadian students are inadequately prepared to face the financial burdens of the real world. The heart of our mission is to promote financial success and economic health via financial literacy.

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High School Program

A program tailored for students who are entering the workforce or post-secondary education, first-time users of banking products or discovering the intricacies of personal finance.

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University Program

A program tailored for students who are entering university or the professional job market, looking to  achieve their financial goals and interested in having an in-depth look at personal finance.

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If you are passionate about inciting change in your community, PennyDrops is for you

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The demand for PennyDrops’ program is more than we could have ever anticipated and the growth opportunities are countless. If you’re interested in joining us as we pave the way to a more financially literate Canada, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or a university student, please reach out to us for more information through the contact form below.