Written by: Paula Barbaresso, VP Marketing


This month, a PennyDrops team of university mentors was handpicked to join forces with Let’s Get Together, a charitable organization that creates opportunities for youth to access learning resources that supports students’ well-being. On Tuesday, March 13th 2018, the PennyDrops team traveled to Toronto and held financial literacy workshops with the Boys and Girls Club of Peel Youth. This non-profit is focused on engaging at-risk youth in various activities so as to instill confidence and a community sentiment within them. PennyDrops was thrilled to host a workshop for these children as means of facilitating a positive learning experience.

These high school students from the Greater Toronto Area were given lessons on a number of subjects, including mindful spending and saving, credit vs. debit, and professionalism. “We also tested the student’s learning through games of jeopardy and bingo, helped them write mock résumés, and demonstrated examples of poor and successful interviews!” — Justine Bouchard, Co-President of HEC Montreal Chapter.

Originally, a full day learning about financial literacy seemed a little lengthy. However, “the overwhelming positive response from the students throughout the day gave us the assurance that we were doing our job well… their willingness to attend the workshops on their own time, as well as their engagement during the day, revealed to us how much of a difference PennyDrops can and does make across Canada.” Adam Segreti, McGill University Mentor.

The students showed the most enthusiasm on the concept of credit and how to build a credit score. “Many students had the misconception that credit cards were dangerous and should be avoided [at all costs]… they were surprised to learn how beneficial they can be – when used responsibly, of course!” Cassandra Meagher, McGill University Mentor.

There is an urgent need for financial literacy education in Canada; in fact, many young Canadians are inadequately prepared to face real world financial challenges. “The goal of PennyDrops is to bridge the national financial literacy gap through educating Canadian youth, and [to] create a more mindful and prosperous country.” Samuel Pintal, Co-President of HEC Montreal Chapter.

PennyDrops looks forward to future extended workshop series with the aim of making a lasting impact on our community. In fact, our next project is a Financial Literacy Workshop held at McGill University on March 21st. This workshop is open to the community and we encourage anyone interested in the benefits of a financial literacy education to attend! Free tickets can be reserved at the EventBrite link below.

We would like to say a special thank you to our PennyDrops team members, Cassandra Meagher (McGill University Mentor), Adam Segreti (McGill University Mentor), Justine Bouchard (Co-President, HEC Montreal Chapter), and Samuel Pintal (Co-President, HEC Montreal Chapter), for their dedication and hard work these past few days. We would also like to thank Alison Canning, the representative from Let’s Get Together for helping us share our curriculum with the Peel youth students!


Reserve your free ticket to our McGill Financial Literacy Workshop on March 21st: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mcgill-financial-literacy-workshop-x-pennydrops-tickets-44079820931